January 25 2011. This is when the social movement, also known as the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, began in Egypt. Riots, rallies, and marches are only a few things taking place in the streets of Egypt. The goal: to overthrow Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. In an attempt to discontinue the hysteria of the online spreading of opposition against the President, the entire Internet was shut down overnight. Every day we hear more about war, chaos, and governmental issues going on in the world and it's crazy to think that a lot of this can be encouarged by the internet. Through the Eyes of Egypt is a blog characterized to discuss the thoughts and opinions of individuals regarding these issues as well as the impact social media can have on the world.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just thought I might share something I found interesting and a little surprising. I was watching the Today Show this morning and they were reporting about the earthquakes that have recently occured in New Zealand. What surprised me was the fact that most of the pictures that have been taken of the earthquake have been obtained through social media such as Twitter.        ........?

I'm sorry to everyone in New Zealand who has to endure this horrible disaster...

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  1. I noticed that myself! It astonishes me how quickly social media has become a primary source for news networks...